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Our Story

Our Story

Born and raised in one countryside area in Vietnam, a countryside boy usually got familiar with the farming works of his grandparents. He understands the hardship of farmers and the efforts they put into their products: fruits and vegetables. Later in life, the more he traveled to different Vietnam's countrysides and then out of the country border, the more he dreamed of bringing fresh, clean, and healthy fruits and vegetables to people's daily lives. He left his job and with the support of his wife and sons, he invested all in exporting Vietnamese agricultural fruits to the world, affirming the pride in Vietnam's quality goods . Frechi is a newly launched brand aimed to bring fruits in different forms to Japanese lives.


Cao Lanh mango is one of the local fruit specialties that have existed for a long time in DongThap province of Vietnam. Cat Chu mangoes have passionate aroma, rich sweetness, soft and chewy with very little fiber. Legend has it that this is the type of mango used in the past to pay tribute to the Nguyen kings, so it is also known as one of premium types of mango.


Appeared in the late 1990s in Phuoc Dinh hamlet, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Long Ho - Vinh Long. The Ri6 durian pulp has an eye-catching bright yellow color, sweet and fatty taste, with a moderate aroma. The durian pulp is very dry and can be held without sticking to the hand. This durian variety is characterized by its beautiful green skin and small, tight spines. The nutritional composition shows that Ri 6 durian is incredibly nutritious with a high caloric value, proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals: vitamins B, C and E and iron content.


Lychee is native to Northern Vietnam and has been indigenous to the Red River's localities for 100 years B.C. Glossy, succulent, and heavenly sweet lychees have all in their promising properties and are believed to bring luck, prosperity, and fertility. Luc Ngan lychee is grown in Luc Ngan district in the northern province of Bac Giang, Vietnam, which is a famous place to produce the most premium lychees in the country. This kind of lychee has outstanding quality with fruit size, red skin, tiny seed, thick pulp, and highly-seasoned and delicious taste. Lychee is a tropical fruit with potential health benefits. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. 100 g of lychee contains 95% of the daily vitamin C requirement for adult females and 79% of the requirement for adult males.