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Dry Coconut

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1pcs 1kg about, 1 box 12pcs

Country Of Origins

Viet Nam
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Dry coconuts from Ben Tre are a distinctive symbol of this lush land in Vietnam. With its warm climate and fertile soil, Ben Tre is a common place for coconut cultivation, resulting in high-quality Dry coconuts and a variety of coconut products. The characteristics of Dry coconuts from Ben Tre include:

Excellent flavor: Dry coconuts from Ben Tre are renowned for their sweet coconut water and tender flesh, which are the main ingredients for producing various beverages and foods.
Diverse products: From Dry coconuts, the people of Ben Tre produce a wide range of products such as fresh coconut water, dried coconut, coconut cream, coconut oil, and many other items.
Natural nutritional source: Dry coconuts from Ben Tre are not only delicious fruits but also rich in nutrients, providing energy and hydration for the body.
Dry coconuts from Ben Tre have become a cultural and economic icon of this region, attracting tourists and consumers both domestically and internationally.