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Frozen Durian



Vitamins C, B, Fiber, Iron, Copper


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Frozen Cat Chu mango is convenient to add to your daily diet and its nutrients are still stored.

The high-tech freezing method is applied right after processing fresh Cat Chu mangoes to retain freshness, color, and flavor. Mangos are rich in folate, which is used for healthy cell division and DNA duplication. Whether you eat it for its taste or health benefits, mango is an excellent addition to almost any meal. Here are some ways you can include mango in your diet: Add mango to a smoothie. Make mango chutney Grill mango as part of a barbecue Try mango sorbet Pair fish with mango Use mango to make jam Freeze mango cubes and add them to cocktails Cat Chu mango is often grown in the city Cao Lanh, Dong Thap Province of Vietnam. Cat Chu mangoes have a vibrant aroma and rich sweetness, soft and chewy with very little fiber.

Mangoes provide a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals, which can boost the immune system, prevent cancer, improve skin and hair vitality, and more.