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Fresh Durian

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Each pack is 500++g pulp only. 500g of pulp is equal to roughly 2,5 kg with shell

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RI-6 durian - ANOTHER KING: its flesh bright golden yellow pulp is thick, incredibly creamy smooth, sweet and even when overripe it doesn’t become too mushy.

RI-6 durian originates from the Southern province of Vinh Long in Vietnam and is the best durian variety in Vietnam. The fruit has a distinctly bright golden color, often 3 to 5 kilos per fruit. The flesh of the fruit has a thick and tiny seed, fibrous protein, with delicious egg flavor taste aroma. Its pulp is renowned for being rich and sweet.

Nutrients: Ri 6 durian is incredibly nutritious with a high caloric value, proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals: vitamins B, C and E and iron content.

Pesticides and antifungals are specially tested strictly. Frechi's durians have a Japanese test certificate. Durians imported to Japan are 100% fresh.